300 FOR 300

Amber “Ja'Ski” Watkins discovered the love of Art after the start of her education in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Washington. She has traveled around the world, and is deeply inspired by her love of cultural diversity. Her paintings tie in free-flowing shapes, exciting colors, bold lines and inspirational themes into pure ABSTRACT masterpieces. She's been poised to be a leader in the Fine Arts community as her bright and bold abstract pieces lifts the modern arts to a new, exciting level, while exposing any and everyone to Art that summons the best in thoughts and ideas.

Each original piece in this Art collection sells for $300 each. When the collection is done, the images will be turned into a table top book.

Original Abstract Art

“My art is as abstract as life is. Nothing is what it appears to be, it would be wise to take a longer look for unforeseen details and beautiful qualities.” Ja’Ski

Original Abstract Art

Modern, Contempoary, Abstract Art – it’s fly, unique, provoking, refreshing!